for people

DABBEL disrupts the way we understand the implementation and control of our daily control systems that make us, the people, feel better and performs better in an efficient and sustainable way.

The founder team is composed of three engineers with a strong international background in Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Software Development.

They have discovered the potential of improvement of the inefficient building stock, which is currently around 80% leading to unnecessary CO2 emissions and unhealthy conditions.

Our Values

  1. People first

    DABBEL is created for people, it is not just an algorithm to improve the energy efficiency, it is make it for people and it is always our priority.
  2. Challenge

    The company was born and keep going through an iterative improvement process.
  3. Listen & Learn

    We all think that we are good listener, here we want to consider every opinion beginning with our clients and employees.
  4. Sustainability

    We take care to keep contributing on cutting off the unnecessary CO2 emissions in every detail, starting with us.

The Team Behind


Our adventure started in 2015, and since then we’ve been working hard to improve DABBEL and taking it to the next level.


Start DABBY development


TU Ilmenau support
Founder team completed


Core – DABBY v1


E.ON´s :agile accelerator
Pilot installation
Sensors & hub v1
E.ON Investment


First pay client