Building automation with DABBEL

Dabbel IA building Automation

“In the future buildings will take care of the people and not on the other way around.”

Global population count is increasing at an accelerating rate and with it we see more and more cities developing with building and structures taller than anyone ever thought possible. However, this means that a significant amount of energy is needed, with 40% of energy consumption in and 36% of CO2 emissions being linked to the building sector in Europe. Approximately 50% of the energy is ineffectively used and even more is wasted due to incorrect control decisions within building management systems and teams.

But as cities and smarter so do the solutions. Founded in 2018 DABBEL, a Düsseldorf based start-up, is changing the landscape and technologies used in Building Management Systems with the introduction of AI that promises to simplify, improve transparency and efficiencies that…