School Buildings

Self-operated by AI
  • Our software solution can be integrated into school buildings in order to reduce HVAC energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 40%. Making it more efficient and also reducing costs.
  • Filled with students and teachers or empty. School buildings have a lot of variables that have to be taken into account. A facility manager has to take care of correct heating, ventilation and air conditioning in order to efficiently run the building.
  • Our self-operating AI boosts the performance of the building and also professionals who work in it.

School Buildings self-operated by AI

Watch the video of our joint project at the location Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium

DABBEL AI helps to improve the efficiency of Schools

In an increasingly technological environment, there is a constant demand for systems that facilitate people’s day-to-day life, allowing greater control over their activities and gathering information for decision-making in professional settings.

Just as people have interconnected systems such as cars or household appliances, professionals in the educational field can improve their day-to-day work facilities’ interconnection.

Dabbel IA building Automation
Dabbel IA building Automation

Through the installation of our software, it is possible to improve a school’s systems’ efficiency and performance.

  • Control of energy generation, distribution and demand systems.
  • Control of air treatment and renewal systems.
  • Consumption monitoring (electricity, gas, water).
  • Supervision of the facilities in real time, management of alarms, as well as the communication of incidents.
  • The integration of these solutions with third-party systems such as access control, fire and intrusion alarms, pressure groups, rainwater evacuation systems and auxiliary power generation services.
  • Dabbel AI installs quickly and remotely. Current BMS have static rules that’s why they are not efficient, Our software adapts and makes better decisions and does not power up all systems but does it gradually in an efficient way to reach desired outcomes.

Why install DABBEL AI in a school

Our software in a school will manage to control services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, ensuring that the building operates at the highest efficiency and eliminates energy loss and associated costs. The optimum level of efficiency is achieved by continually maintaining the correct balance between operational requirements, external and internal environmental conditions, and energy use.

The most significant changes are in the resource’s level and in the behaviour and well-being of the people who are in the school: maintenance staff, teachers, parents and students.

Reduce costs

Dabbel's software can efficiently control up to 40% of the energy consumption of schools. Also, it performs its functions entirely automatically, day after day, year after year, without the need for continuous interaction.

Provide a correct learning environment

Buildings are subject to changing and sometimes extreme climatic conditions, and it is not always reactive to have the school prepared for these sudden changes. Our software provides satisfactory actions to allow self-operation and monitor the school, and at the same time provide a suitable working environment for teachers and students.


The schools do not have the same activity throughout the year, so it is essential to have a system that adapts to the needs and allows the building to be prepared to return to classes. With  DABBEL AI , the building will eliminate unnecessary costs in periods of inactivity and be prepared without high costs for returning to activity.