Shopping Malls

  • Keeping the operating costs of a shopping center under control is a challenge. With our software, HVAC operations are being self-operated in order to save up to 40% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Our software will allow you to monitor services such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, ensuring their operation with the maximum efficiency and savings levels. An optimal balance between conditions, energy use and operational requirements.

Our technology boosts the efficiency of HVAC in shopping malls to help reduce CO2 emissions

Our software can be implemented in different kinds of shopping areas to create a more sustainable environment. In the case of Shopping Malls, the goal is to control all the HVAC systems to obtain significant benefits, make efficient use of energy, and improve the occupants’ health by reducing CO2 levels.

It is essential to make HVAC systems of shopping malls self operated. Reason for that is that many people are located inside those structures, meaning that more variables have to be taken into account by an operator who is trying to make the HVAC of the building efficient.

With our software, we can make your buildings HVAC system self operating. Meaning that operators don’t have to balance thousands of variables emerging from the HVAC systems.  After integration our AI self-operates your building’s systems in order to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 40% while also removing human error.

Dabbel IA building Automation

Solutions for Malls

Dabbel IA building Automation

Automation is not just limited to new Shopping Centers. Our solution can be installed on your building’s current BMS in order to make the HVAC self-operating by an AI.

Our software integrates easily and quickly, in a friendly way to facilitate installation without disturbing the shopping center’s regular operation.

Reducing your building’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 40% & replacing human intervention.

Operational benefits of Our software in a Mall

By integrating our software, you can create environments that improve the occupants quality of life.

Having a self-operating and sustainable Shopping Center offers many advantages, not only for maintenance but also for the environment, customers and the brands that are in it.

Energy Reduction

Our software solution allows you to automate already installed Mall's HVAC systems, to cool, heat and ventilate the building, at the ideal temperature, at all times. It can maintain its occupants' comfort levels to the maximum and reduces air conditioning costs in the building. Also, limits waste and reduces building energy costs.

Improve Comfort

The ability to control the building's temperature improves the occupants' comfort, productivity, and quality of life. Maintaining CO2 levels inside the building is also an essential factor related to people's health and productivity. High CO2 levels cause drowsiness and damage the health of the building's inhabitants. Our technology reduces the emissions by up to 40%.

Total control

The software can be installed in Malls via a secure VPN connection - “sitting on top” of the current building management system. Making the right decisions by learning from past events and predicting future events. The Software takes self-operates the decision making of the HVAC and that’s why it can operate efficiently.

Ability to update technology

Once the software is implemented, upgrading systems to new technologies become more manageable and cheaper, as most building technology is designed to integrate with existing systems and protocols.

Real-Time Systems Status

Our software is wireless and cloud-enabled. This allows you to access and review the status of any system in real-time. Operators have greater control of the Mall operations when they can access reports anytime from wherever they are with our dashboard.

LEED certification

The BMS generates efficient energy consumption structures that allow and are indispensable to obtain the LEED certifications. This certification identifies the buildings that are friendly to the environment, which increases their value and reputation in the market. Being known as a sustainable building and workplace are paramount today. Retailers are always looking for green buildings to put their shops in.