Building Management System
Self-operated with AI

  • Our software solution works “on-top” of your current BMS making predictive decisions by taking into account indoor and outdoor conditions in order to save up to 40% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions generated by HVAC.
  • A BMS enables automation and centralized control of buildings.

Our AI sits on top of your current BMS

Building Management System are being used in public buildings (hospitals, universities, airports.) and private buildings (offices, factories, hotels, infrastructures.). BMS are computer systems that control and the mechanical, electrical, and technological elements of buildings, such as air conditioning, heating, lighting,  elevators, surveillance, and fire fighting systems with currently static protocols.

Our technology boosts the building management system of your building making it more energy and cost-efficient.

Dabbel IA building Automation
Dabbel IA building Automation
Dabbel IA building Automation

What does a BMS system offer?

  • It allows centralized control and supervision of all elements of the building.
  • It facilitates the rapid detection of incidents for preventive maintenance.
  • Automating supervisory tasks.
  • Provides detailed information on consumption that promotes energy efficiency.
  • Management improvement increases the comfort of building occupants.
  • Apart from that, the most exciting thing about a BMS system is that it opens the way for our technology.

Combining BMS solutions with new technologies such as Big Data, machine learning, or artificial intelligence allows a building not only to be easier to maintain, but also to manage itself according to the parameters defined by its managers, and alerting them only when there is an incident or a crucial decision that must be made about the property.

It is possible to update an existing property and boost the building with our AI solution in order to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 40%.

Characteristics of a BMS building

  • Monitoring solutions for all technical aspects of the building
  • Intuitive graphical interface to monitor and control facilities
  • Real-time performance monitoring and analysis
  • Native support for standard protocols
  • Optimized alarm and event management