GCC PropTech Time Summit Fuels the Pace of PropTech Growth

Dabbel IA building Automation

DABBEL attended the first GCC Time PropTech Conference, held on 17 September, gathering delegates from over 20 countries to discuss trends in PropTech and the potential growth in the MENA region.

Our CEO, Abel Samaniego, had the honour of representing DABBEL in a panel of experts as one of the 20 speakers at the event. The Summit, organised by Bahrain Economic Development Board and HexGn, aimed at encouraging discussions between industry experts from around the world, sparking growth and conversations around PropTech in Bahrain.

DABBEL’s concept of AI Self-Driving buildings was chosen, as the event aims to connect inventive and ambitious people in order to co-create the future of real estate industry using data, insights and technology.

„At PropTech Time, technology meets real estate, real estate meets entrepreneurs, people meet ideas and ideas crystallize to become a reality“ (eventbrite)

Furthermore, the conference featured the unveiling of an insightful report, based on a survey conducted by HexGn. It identified that the real estate industry will face a disruption due to technology in the next 4-7 years. DABBEL has already made this step and is fully prepared to be part of this disruption. In addition to DABBEL’s willingness for more sustainable and efficient buildings, the study revealed that Asset Managers, followed by Consultants and Construction Managers are most ready to adopt PropTech solutions.

Moreover, according to the report, technology advancements in New Building Materials, AI & Big Data, IoT & Sensors, and Drones are considered to have the most impact in real estate industry. Thus, DABBEL’s progressive AI Building Management System has a high potential to play a key role in the field of PropTech in the next couple of years.

Events like this encourage DABBEL to continue working on our solution by sharing and interacting with experts and owners. This process is crucial to help fuelling the PropTech growth and conveying the importance of technology and its integration with Real Estate – which is one of the most vital sectors of any modern economy.

Let‘s make Green Buildings a reality!