HVAC systems self-operated by AI

  • DABBEL’s AI allows the automation and centralized controls of hotel buildings.
  • Our software improves management and control, moving towards the concept of “eco-building”. By reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 40%.
  • We implement our AI remotely. The manager receives a dashboard to see the necessary data(why the software took a specific action at what time and where). Hotels will be able to be more efficient with our self-operating AI.

Our technology boosts your HVAC system to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions

DABBEL implements the software that manages the internal control systems, improving energy efficiency and the well-being of occupants.

Our software offers different advantages for hotels:

  • It allows centralized control of the HVAC systems of the hotel.
  • Automating tasks increases staff productivity.
  • Provides detailed information on consumption that promotes energy efficiency.

Our technology improves the efficiency of the hotels. The combination of BMS solutions with new technologies such as Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence allows a hotel not only to be easier to maintain but to be able to self-operate.

These benefits are not only available to newly built hotels. With a simple software update, an existing hotel can use our software with its currently BMS system to turn it into a more efficient building.

AI Boost for your Buildings