Sustainable and Scalable Technology

DABBEL has developed an AI-driven software solution to reshape your outdated building automation control system, preparing it for the future in the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way possible.

DABBEL updates buildings that have an outdated or classic building management system, taking control of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioner and Shading systems.

Dabby, The AI Cognitive and Predictive Core

  • Modelling
  • Self-learning
  • Predictive Control
  • Setup & Calibration
  • Cloud Based Solution

Recognise & Model

DABBY’s ability to autonomously make the best decisions is an iterative process.

It models the building at all times, recognises the context—such as number of people, CO₂ levels or the humidity of each room/area of the building—in real time and adapts the control decisions of the HVAC systems accordingly.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Every building is unique. While workspaces are used in various ways, current building automation systems are still designed and controlled by fixed static rules.

DABBEL has revolutionized this concept and was developed to adapt to and learn from both building and occupant behaviours. This means that the DABBY Core will individually adapt to your building over time.

Predictive Control

Control decisions will no longer be made by an inefficient PID. Instead, DABBY will predict the required conditions ahead of time, depending on the building’s current context.

The result: Improved performance with each iteration, ensuring a healthy indoor environment, and reducing unnecessary energy waste and CO₂ emissions.

Setup and Calibration

DABBEL eliminates the long, stressful and expensive process of reshaping your building with an outdated, manually-programmed BMS.

Once DABBY has been connected to your current communication network, all DABBEL needs to know is the number of floors, rooms per floor and elements per room. DABBY then becomes the decision maker, maintaining your setpoints to optimise energy efficiency while maintaining a healthy and happy environment for your building’s occupants.

Configuring a PID calibration is no longer necessary. DABBY uses its predictive control in conjunction with its modelling of the building to optimise control.

Forget defining the behaviour of each device in the building. DABBY recognises the type of all connected devices and intelligently links them without the need for long programming rules.

Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Solution Advantages

  • Centralised control for multiple buildings
  • Frequent updates
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Protects against data corruption
  • Remote assistance
  • Protects against hardware failure


DABBEL Dashboard

Dabbel Sensor
Our technology unites and monitors all building systems or even multiple buildings systems in a single dashboard interface that is smooth and easy to handle. This improves building manager performance, reduces technical failures and reduces operating costs.  The DABBEL Dashboard is cloud-based, allowing you to monitor and control all your buildings in one place regardless of where you are.

Effortless remote implementation

DABBEL reduces implementation time and reshapes your outdated BMS in less than one week. DABBEL connects remotely to your building’s current communication network and is ready to use following a simple installation process.
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  1. Remote connection
  2. Scan
  3. Take the control
  4. Go-Live

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