VINCI Environment Award for the DACH Region goes to DABBEL

Dabbel AI Building Automation

VINCI Facilities launched the Self-Driven Green Buildings KI Solution initiative last year. By 2030, VINCI Facilities aspires to be carbon neutral.

DABBEL already controls two school buildings and offers VINCI Facilities an AI-powered software solution to assist them achieve the best outcomes. The self-learning, completely autonomous software solution was implemented in the schools, resulting in up to a 30% decrease in energy usage and CO2 emissions.

The innovative approach and execution of building automation through the use of AI-based software not only results in increased savings, but also enhances the building’s climate. Another advantage is that it offers a more enjoyable learning atmosphere for the student.

We are pleased that the DABBEL-controlled and optimized school buildings have been recognized as a reference project for the VINCIEnvironment Award.” We are delighted to be first.

More VINCI Facilities projects are already in the process, and we are excited to see each building that we can help to make a bit greener in the future.

Please contact us at info@dabbel.eu for more information on the DABBEL software, including why it can be implemented without extra hardware and how the first savings may be realized within the first four weeks.