Winner of Poland Prize!

Dabbel IA building Automation

After 2 successful and highly instructive batches earlier this year, DABBEL has won “The Grande Finale” of Poland Prize.

Startup Hub Poland CEO Maciek Sadowski and their Strategic partner PGNiG have hosted Batch #3 and Finale of the Poland Prize. The event aimed to find the most innovative and game changing high-tech Startups regarding the Industry 4.0.

On 16 December the time had come. In the brimming trading room of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, a seminal selection of international founders has gathered to pitch their energy related products and solutions.

At the end of the evening, the jury announced DABBEL as the overall winner of the Poland Prize. Our CEO Abel Samaniego has once again managed to capture the jury’s attention with our disruptive product – AI-Self-Driving Buildings. Besides the fact that DABBEL is the most scalable, cost-efficient and sustainable Building Automation Technology, the jury was enthusiastic about the idea that DABBEL can incorporate and integrate many of the other Industry 4.0 innovations around lighting and cooling.

DABBEL’s whole team is very happy and extremely proud that our solution is being cherished and recognized as game-changing opportunity to disrupt the Building Automation market. Ultimately, DABBEL’s goal is to strive towards a future with Green Buildings, reducing the heavy energy consumptions and CO2 emissions of the building sector.